Being Arrested For DWI in Fayetteville NC

Drunk driving is something that is both dangerous and illegal according to Fayetteville NC traffic laws. It can cause accidents that might injure you or other road users and in extreme cases, there is occurrence of permanent disability or even death. To determine whether a driver is drunk or intoxicated, traffic police officers use a driver’s BAC (blood alcohol content or concentration) which mostly involves breathing into a breathalyzer device.

Traffic police officers can pull you over in Fayetteville NC for any reason which may include speeding, swerving or any other and if they believe that you are intoxicated, they can issue a test to determine your BAC. You can refuse to take these tests but then it might present you with more problems if you are indeed drunk. If your BAC goes beyond the limit that is specified according to the Fayetteville NC laws, you are most likely to face some very serious DWI penalties.


Fayetteville dwi lawyers

Being arrested for DWI in Fayetteville NC can lead to costly convictions such as paying thousands of dollars for DWI fines, court costs and lawyer fees, and other extra costs such as treatment for substance abuse and ignition interlock devices. There is also license revocation or suspension, community service, jail time or both and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse, limited driving privileges, increased car insurance rates and many more.

Such situations can be very difficult for you to get out of on your own especially if it was your fault. This will necessitate you to employ the services of an experienced DWI attorney in order for you to stand a chance of get your DWI penalties minimized. DWI law firms can help you to navigate the Fayetteville NC legal system, defend you if you have been accused falsely or help you minimize penalties if you are found guilty.
DWI lawyers in Fayetteville NC are experts on the laws of drunk driving. They know all about the charges, penalties and how the court system works. You might even find that the DWI attorney had worked with the judge handling your case and is even familiar with the officer who arrested you. However, you have to do your research to ensure that you pick a reputable lawyer who will have your interests at heart and not one who will only be interested in your money.

If it is your first time being arrested for DWI in Fayetteville NC, then it can be a huge case because the DWI lawyer has to begin defending you from the time of arrest till the end of your hearing or trial while at the same time ensuring that the outcome is desirable. For second, third or fourth DWI offenders who are facing serious jail time, hiring of a DWI law firm can help lessen the time one would have spent behind bars. Generally, drunk driving should be avoided at all costs because it not only leads to serious injuries but also death.