DWI Sentencing Factors in North Carolina

There are two components involved in determining DWI punishments in the state of North Carolina. Providing there are no Penalty Enhancing Factors involved a judge is left to compare and analyze the aggravating and mitigating factors to determine the fate of the convicted.

Factors that will enhance the sentence
Driver License being revoked at time of infraction
Prior Convictions for Driving While Impaired
Blood Alcohol Content of .15 or Above
Speeding While Attempting to Elude Police Officers
Speeding 30 Miles per Hour over the Legal Limit
Illegally Passing a School Bus
Reckless Driving

Minimizing Factors
Driving lawfully (except for impairment) at time of Offense
Impaired by Prescribed Dosage of Legal Medications
Minor Impairment where test was unavailable
Safe Driving Record
Alcohol Concentration Didn’t Exceed .09
Voluntary Submission to Mental Health Facility for Assessment

Seek advice from a DWI Attorney
Hiring a DWI attorney is strongly recommended to assist an individual arrested for Driving While Impaired when factors that may enhance a sentence is involved. Aggravating factors will cause the penalties to be much more severe and last for a much longer time period.